As we’ve grown into a globally recognised brand sold all over the world, from Seattle to Hong Kong to Iceland and everywhere in between, we couldn’t be prouder of the amazing fans who have joined us along the way. Our customers are truly among the skincare savvy elite … which got us thinking: Why not let YOU, our fans, share your best beauty tips in one of our articles?

“Always wear an antioxidant serum under your sunscreen. While sunscreen protects against UV light, antioxidants protect against other forms of free radical damage from environmental and lifestyle factors.” - Andy M (UK).
We agree Andy, and better yet, we offer antioxidant serums for every skin type so anyone can do this. Shop our day moisturizers.

“Wear a hat and sunglasses when outdoors to protect your face + sunscreen every day, as well.” - Tricia Y. (Canada).
Yes, yes, yes Tricia. That's a perfect recipe for younger-looking skin. Shop our SPF's here.

"Pop the C25 Super Booster over those annoying dark marks that are left behind after a pimple - it does the trick." - Gem W. (Australia).
Yes Gem, our C25 Super Booster is super effective at fading post breakout marks!

Combine your retinol treatment with the Radiance Renewal Mask to decrease redness, dryness and give a brightening effect to skin." - Emi K. (Malaysia).
Great tip Emi, especially for skin sensitive to retinol.

“Before cleansing, remove makeup with oil (coconut, jojoba, grapeseed) to quickly remove heavily pigmented products.” - Christina J. (USA).
Lucky for you Christina, we've got a fragrance-free cleansing oil with those three oils, plus sunflower and meadowfoam. Gets the job done FAST.

"Love the PC 1% Retinol, if your skin is dry it can help to keep it hydrated if you layer the Retinol over the PC Moisture Renewal Oil Booster." - Lynsey (UK).
If your skin's not yet used to retinol, it can become a bit dry after use. This is a great tip!

"When I use the BHA (which is every 3 days for my sensitive, dry skin) I soak my cotton pad with the 2% BHA and cover my face, let it dry and don't apply anything else. In the morning blemishes will be significantly reduced or gone. I find it works better applied generously and alone with no other products for quickest results." - Jasmine (UK).
Definitely worth a try! Be careful though, if your skin is very dry.

"Use any leftover serum, booster or moisturiser on your hands. This will help to keep your hands beautifully soft!" - Vanessa (The Netherlands).
No product should go to waste. We like that!

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