Selecting a foundation and applying it perfectly

Foundation: the word says it all. It forms the basis of your makeup. You use it to cover imperfections and create an even skin tone on your face. Make sure you choose a foundation suitable for your skin type, in the right colour, and then apply it perfectly.

Neutral skin tone

If you do want to go to a chemist’s or buy a new brand online, then make sure you choose a product with a neutral skin tone that is suitable for your skin type. Neutral skin tone means that the product does not have a visible overtone, such as pink, peach, ash (grey), copper or yellow. These products often make your face look like a mask.


Choose a foundation with a sunscreen (SPF). The sunscreen should contain the active ingredients titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide; these are the mildest for your skin. Dermatologists advise using various layers of sunscreens. For example, a day cream with an SPF of 25 and, a foundation with the same (or higher) sun protection on top of it. Finally, fix your foundation with a compact powder.

Tips for applying perfect foundation

  • Always apply foundation to a clean and prepared skin. You don’t necessarily need a primer, but it does give you a nice even result. If your skin is normal to dry, then use a good day cream and/or serum after cleansing. If you have an oily skin, then a good toner is an excellent base. And, after the toner and foundation, you can apply a sebum-absorbing product. That keeps excessive sebum production under control for hours and your foundation will stay looking nice for longer.
  • Apply your foundation from top to bottom, from the middle of your face to your chin and hairline. For the best and most natural effect, use a foundation brush or sponge. Spread it out well: areas of the skin around the hairline, above the lip, nostrils and eyes are often forgotten. Use a magnifying mirror so you can see everything properly. Check the result in daylight.
  • Remove any excessive foundation from around the eyes with a concealer brush with synthetic hairs. This prevents the foundation from building up in thin lines and wrinkles.
  • Do not apply too much foundation: it looks unnatural. If you have skin problems, don’t try to conceal them under a heavy layer of foundation. Get advice on skincare products suited to tackling your specific skin problem.
  • Don’t use foundation on your neck. You don’t need it and it can ruin your clothes. Moreover, you neck is usually a different tone to your face. If you really feel the need to apply foundation to your neck, choose a colour that matches the colour of your neck.
  • Don’t ‘fix’ your foundation with a spray. It will not make it stay in place for longer and it makes your skin look blotchy.

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