Online Security

How can I be sure that this site is safe and secure?

Ensuring that all transactions are secure is a top priority! When you've confirmed your order, we'll let you know that you're being transferred to Adyen payments secure server. Once there, you enter your credit card or account number and complete your order. Through Adyen payments, Paula's Choice Europe offers you a number of safe payment methods.

Is it safe for me to enter my credit card number when I place an order?

Yes. All order information is processed through our secure servers. This security feature scrambles all information before it is sent over the Internet. Your credit card data are encrypted and transmitted to a secure server for online credit card approval. It's really no different than using your credit card in a restaurant. The URL will start with https, or you will see a green lock icon, confirming that you are on the secure server. Once your credit card is validated, we receive an authorisation, we confirm this to you, and subsequently send you your parcel. Your credit card information is encrypted throughout this entire process and the system is very secure. You don't need to be concerned about someone you don't want accessing your credit card information.