Can I use my night cream as a day cream?

Can I use my night cream as a day cream?

"If it's not sunny outside, can I use my night cream during the day"
This is a question we often get asked - especially in winter. Our answer is simply 'no' and we'll explain why.

Day cream = protection

Protecting your skin from sun-damage is vital during the day and the most effective way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing. All of our day creams offer sun protection of at least SPF 30. Also important, is protecting your skin from other forms of pollution such as particulate matter in the air and blue light emitted from technological devices which pose long-term harm to your skin. Your day cream should always contain broad spectrum sun protection, skin replenishing ingredients and antioxidants for healthy, younger-looking skin.

Night cream = restoring

During the night your skin is in a recovery process. This process is especially important for the skin's barrier, the outer layer that protects skin from all kinds of 'dangers' from outside: UV, pollution, infection and so on. For a healthy, strong barrier and younger-looking skin, using a night cream packed with skin recovering ingredients is key (ceramides and antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, vitamin C and skin protectors such as glutathione and superoxide). This is another reason why a separate day and night cream is so important; after all, a day cream does not have the same restorative capacity as a night cream.- where does this claim come from?

The sun's rays are harmful, even when you can't see them

Even behind a thick pile of clouds, the sun's harmful UV rays pass through. Now we hear you thinking: "But what if i'm inside all day, do I still have to wear sunscreen?" Well yes, because UV rays can also penetrate through glass such as a window. This is why using a night cream is not sufficient during the day as it does not offer any sun protection. Using a day cream with at least SPF 30 is best practice, rain or shine.


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